"Style is a way to express yourself without words."

Carl Coelln – Rennwagen Manufaktur

Our vision is to create limited editions of exceptional race cars with a highly distinctive style and a remarkable character of its own. Race cars that would leave stunning impressions on the race track as well as on the street.


To realize our vision we founded Carl Coelln in 2006. In our daily work we are striving for highest quality “Made in Germany” paired with ultimate passion for details. With strong German engineering expertise all our race cars are customized and built from scratch. We call it “Rennwagen Manufaktur”.


Our customers are race car enthusiasts with a discerning taste for breathtaking design and High Tech. People that look for the unusual and that share our passion to create something great.












Wolfgang Lange (Dipl. Ing.)

- CEO & Founder -