Coelln C1

Performance: 530 HP

Weight: 730 kg

Engine: Chevrolet LSX


The idea for the Coelln C1 was to create a race car which has high performance and low maintenance cost.  With its new Chevrolet CT525 V8, modern AP racing brakes and improved chassis design it is simply fun to drive and has all the classic components which makes this car as attractive as the original Can Am cars of the late 60's.


Chevrolet CT 525 Circle Track Race Engine

Power: 530 HP @ 6.400 rpm

Torque: 470 ft-lbs @ 5.000 rpm


LMP Dry Sump System

LMP Injection System with Weber Throttle Bodies

LMP Race Alternator Setup

LMP Bellhousing

3 Disc Sintermetallic Clutch


Hewland DG 300

5 Speed Manual Dog-Ring

Magnesium Housing, 53 kg

Different Gear Ratios

Internal Oil Pump

Chassis & Body


Full triangulated steel spaceframe chassis with 3-D lasercut tubes, bonded and riveted aluminum panels for enhanced torsional stiffness. Full adjustable pedalbox for drivers up to 6 ft4" (1.92m).



High precision class A body sections with integrated air ducts for brakes, water cooler and oil coolers. Light weight GRP sandwhich design with integrated wheel arches and body hinges. Front splitter and aluminum, riveted rear wing for enhanced downforce.